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Metcalfe PO230 Mainline StationMetcalfe PO230 Mainline Station
Metcalfe PO340 Platform CanopyMetcalfe PO340 Platform Canopy
Metcalfe PO341 Wall backed Platform CanopyMetcalfe PO341 Wall backed Platform Canopy
Metcalfe PO231 Parcel Office & Waiting RoomMetcalfe PO231 Parcel Office & Waiting Room
Metcalfe PO234 Island Platform BuildingMetcalfe PO234 Island Platform Building
Metcalfe PO235 Stone Platform KitMetcalfe PO235 Stone Platform Kit
Metcalfe PO238 Wayside Station; Stone-builtMetcalfe PO238 Wayside Station; Stone-built
Metcalfe PO239 Wayside Station Shelter; Stone-builtMetcalfe PO239 Wayside Station Shelter; Stone-built
Metcalfe PO501 GWR Station Benches (x4)Metcalfe PO501 GWR Station Benches (x4)
Metcalfe PO502 Red Platform Benches (x5)Metcalfe PO502 Red Platform Benches (x5)
Metcalfe PO515 Station ClocksMetcalfe PO515 Station Clocks
Metcalfe PO517 Platform KioskMetcalfe PO517 Platform Kiosk
Metcalfe PO236 FootbridgeMetcalfe PO236 Footbridge
Metcalfe PO237 Country StationMetcalfe PO237 Country Station
Metcalfe PO320 Mainline Station Booking HallMetcalfe PO320 Mainline Station Booking Hall
Metcalfe PO216 Platform KitMetcalfe PO216 Platform Kit
Metcalfe PO322 Island Platform BuildingMetcalfe PO322 Island Platform Building
Metcalfe PO400 Platform UnderpassMetcalfe PO400 Platform Underpass
Metcalfe PO232 Goods ShedMetcalfe PO232 Goods Shed
Metcalfe PO321 Parcels OfficeMetcalfe PO321 Parcels Office
Metcalfe PO331 Engine Shed (Red Brick - Single Track)Metcalfe PO331 Engine Shed (Red Brick - Single Track)
Metcalfe PO332 Engine Shed (Stone Built - Single Track)Metcalfe PO332 Engine Shed (Stone Built - Single Track)
Metcalfe PO233 Signal BoxMetcalfe PO233 Signal Box
Metcalfe PO330 GWR Signal BoxMetcalfe PO330 GWR Signal Box
Brick or Stone Clad Options
Metcalfe PO213 Engine Shed  2 roadMetcalfe PO213 Engine Shed 2 road
Metcalfe PO222 Coaling StageMetcalfe PO222 Coaling Stage
Metcalfe PO227 Water Tower/SandhouseMetcalfe PO227 Water Tower/Sandhouse
Metcalfe PO209 Viaduct KitMetcalfe PO209 Viaduct Kit
Metcalfe PO240 Double Track Viaduct  red brickMetcalfe PO240 Double Track Viaduct red brick
Metcalfe PO244 Retaining Wall - Red Brick StyleMetcalfe PO244 Retaining Wall - Red Brick Style
Metcalfe PO246 Railway Bridge - Red BrickMetcalfe PO246 Railway Bridge - Red Brick
Metcalfe PO248 Tapered Retaining Wall - Red BrickMetcalfe PO248 Tapered Retaining Wall - Red Brick
Metcalfe PO333 Settle/Carlisle Railway StationMetcalfe PO333 Settle/Carlisle Railway Station
Metcalfe PO334 S&C Station ShelterMetcalfe PO334 S&C Station Shelter
Metcalfe PO430 Small Signal BoxMetcalfe PO430 Small Signal Box
Metcalfe PO580 Small Signal Box InteriorMetcalfe PO580 Small Signal Box Interior
Metcalfe PO241 Double Track Viaduct  stoneMetcalfe PO241 Double Track Viaduct stone
Metcalfe PO242 Tunnel Entrance (double track)Metcalfe PO242 Tunnel Entrance (double track)
Metcalfe PO243 Tunnel Entrance (single track)Metcalfe PO243 Tunnel Entrance (single track)
Metcalfe PO245 Retaining Wall - Stone StyleMetcalfe PO245 Retaining Wall - Stone Style

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