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Hornby Track Extension packs are designed to expand the extent of track provided in Hornby Train Sets in an pre-planned way to complete the layout shown on Track Mat supplied in the sets.  They are designed to be used in the correct alphabetical sequence (A, B, C, etc).  Check with the box of your set to see which Track Packs have been included in the set (if any), then select the next pack in the alphabetical sequence.

Hornby Building Packs contain the buildings and accessories designed to fit the Hornby Track Mats.  These can be added in any sequence.

R8217 Hornby Track MatR8217 Hornby Track Mat
RRP £16.95
R8221 Track Extension Pack A   (RRP  £18.99)R8221 Track Extension Pack A (RRP £18.99)
R8222 Track Extension Pack B  (RRP  £32.99)R8222 Track Extension Pack B (RRP £32.99)
R8223 Track Extension Pack C   (RRP  £30.99)R8223 Track Extension Pack C (RRP £30.99)
R8224 Track Extension Pack D   (RRP  £48.99)R8224 Track Extension Pack D (RRP £48.99)
R8225 Track Extension Pack E  (RRP £21.99)R8225 Track Extension Pack E (RRP £21.99)
R8226 Track Extension Pack F   (RRP  £30.99)R8226 Track Extension Pack F (RRP £30.99)
R8227 Building Accessory Pack 1  (RRP £39.99)R8227 Building Accessory Pack 1 (RRP £39.99)
R8228 Building Accessory Pack 2  (RRP £42.99)R8228 Building Accessory Pack 2 (RRP £42.99)
R8229 Building Accessory Pack 3  (RRP £16.99)R8229 Building Accessory Pack 3 (RRP £16.99)
R8230 Building Accessory Pack 4   (RRP £39.99)R8230 Building Accessory Pack 4 (RRP £39.99)
R8231 Building Accessory Pack 5   (RRP £39.99)R8231 Building Accessory Pack 5 (RRP £39.99)
Hornby P9000 Transformer: (Power Supply Unit)Hornby P9000 Transformer: (Power Supply Unit)
Hornby R8250 Standard Train Controller (DC- Analogue)Hornby R8250 Standard Train Controller (DC- Analogue)

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